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Rizal Djibran 

SPORTSO.GA , INDONESIAN - Directorate of Drug Crime Police Criminal Acts arrested the role artist Rizal Djibran in Tambun Selatan District, Bekasi District, on 21 February 2018
Rizal was arrested for caught storing shabu at his home.

"It is true that someone arrested a suspected drug abuse suspected in the name of Rizal Djibran," said Director of Criminal Acts of Police Criminal Investigation Police Brig. Gen. Eko Daniyanto when confirmed.

From Rizal, the police seized evidence in the form of a box of candy cans containing a clear plastic clip containing white crystals.

The object is suspected narcotics type weighing 0.66 grams.

In addition, confiscated a cangklong, a pipette, two straws as a spoon, and a dairy-shaped bong.

Also seized airsoft gun KJ Works along with shoot club cards and two mobile phones, "said Eko.

After being arrested, Rizal was taken to the office of Police Crime Investigation in Cawang, East Jakarta, for further examination.

Rizal's arrest is quite surprising, since Rizal was previously known to be quite active in campaigning on drug eradication.

In fact, he also berorasi during the Day of Anti-Drug Indonesia (HANI) a few years ago.

The arrest of Rizal adds to the list of artists who were arrested for drug cases in 2018.

Advisors and protector Generation Peduli Anti Narcotics (GPAN) Brigjen Siswandi reluctant to speculate the extent to which Rizal Djibran into the trap of drugs.

"Yes baseball know, can users, can be addicts, can be a dealer," said Brigadier Siswandi in a press conference Cawang Kencana Building, Cawang, East Jakarta, Friday (23/2/2018).

He and GPAN only see Rizal indications of using drugs since a year ago.

"But it's not from the results of the investigation, if already from the investigation can be less can be more, but the story (he indicated) has long," he continued.
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