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Report of | Muhammad Nasir I Sabang

NEWS, SABANG - Pemko Sabang and the Kotaku Sabaku Program will collaborate on eradicating the slums.

Due to realize the city without the slums will also potentially generate tourism Sabang.

Coordinator Kotaku Sabang, T Masren told Serambinews.com Thursday (22/2/2018) said, in the collaboration program, the two institutions will arrange an integrated planning for the enhancement of marine tourism object.

T Masren added that Kotaku program is very supportive to realize settlements inhabitable and sustainable in Sabang.

He said that in the realization of the program will also be included parties from the development program and empowerment of village communities (P3MD), creative home of state enterprises (RKB), and tourism awareness group (pokdarwis).

Because with bersinerginya all parties will more quickly realize a habitable area and encourage the opinion of local families in the tourism sector.

Mentioned, that of 18 gampong in Sabang, there are 12 gampong that fall into the category of light slum.

Some of the problems found in the field, ie no good waste management, and drainage channels are not maintained.

Then there is no means of fire protection, until the layout of the building is not regular.

Based on the slum map released to Serambi, most of the slum areas are located in the downtown area of Sabang.

With a total area of 48.7 hectares.

T Masren familiarly called Rajo added that there are seven aspects that are the focus of his side in alleviating slum areas, namely settlements, roads, drainage, sanitation, drinking water, garbage, and fire protection.

In addition, currently green open space (RTH) is also only concentrated in the central area of the city, so that the future is considered necessary equity to other areas. (*)
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