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Foreign ships carrying shabu-type drugs are secured to Karimun waters, Kepri

SPORTSO.GA , INDONESIAN - Customs and Excise Patrol Officers of the Riau Islands Regional Office have again secured foreign ships suspected of carrying drugs of sabu, Friday (2/23/2018) afternoon.

The vessel is secured at the sea of the border between Singapore and Indonesia.

From the information collected Tribune Batam, the ship is a Myanmar ship, flagged Taiwan. Shabu proof of 3 tons.

When secured, there are at least 27 crew (ABK) on board the ship.

Of the 27 people, there are Chinese, Indonesian and North Koreans.

So far, the BC Kepri team, the Red and White Task Force and the Police Headquarters Bareskrim are conducting a search on a ship that has been propped up at the Port of Kanwil BC Kepri Karimun.

When exposed at the port of BC Batam Sekupang, on Friday afternoon, National Police chief Tito Karnavian had time to say that at that time his members were also making a fishing boat in the area Karimun.
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