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Two Indonesian boys posed with the background of a mural painting by the Israeli Artists 4 group. Israeli advocacy organizations focused on this art visit Indonesia. Photo / Craig Dershowitz

SPORTSO.GA , JAKARTA - Artists 4 Israel (A4I), an Israeli advocacy organization focusing on art, visits Indonesia. The goal, to promote Israel and the campaign coexist through art.

The organization is determined to take a new project in Indonesia, which is considered impossible.

Indonesia, which is home to the world's largest Muslim population, has no diplomatic relations. According to a BBC poll, about 75 percent of Indonesians do not see Israel well.

However, the impression did not stop the director of the organization, Craig Dershowitz, to try to take the project in Indonesia.

"Art is a creation. Rebirth. This is the most powerful force on earth. 'Artists for Israel' harnessed that power to make Israel beautiful and new in the eyes of the world, "Dershowitz told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday (24/2/2018).

"Israeli hatred and intolerance are real, but so is the power to end it," he said.

During a visit to Indonesia, Dershowitz claimed not free from problems. One of the organizations working with A4I in Yogykarta has requested that their press release remove the name of the Dershowitz-led organization. The reason, because it can endanger their employees or their families.

During the two-week trip, Dershowitz and 7 international artists traveled to Bali, Yogyakarta and East Timor (East Timor). They worked with 15 Indonesian artists to paint mural.

The journey, which is part of Artists for Israel's "Art Over Hate" program, aims to bring together individuals from different religions to promote coexistence through the arts.

In East Timor or Timor Leste, they are honored by a mayor and police. In Yogyakarta, artists work with an organization that uses art to keep teens off the streets. While in Flores, they work with local universities.

Furthermore, A4I will travel to South Africa, England and Portugal to promote the same message of peace and coexistence through art.

A4I operates several other programs, including "Healing Arts Kits" that use art to help children with post-traumatic stress disorder, and "Healing Ink" that helps survivors of terror attacks.
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