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Russian fifth-generation fifth-generation fighter, Su-57. Photo / Sputnik

SPORTSO.GA , WASHINGTON - Russia is still silent on reports of the deployment of its most advanced fighter jet, the Su-57, in Syria. The Pentagon confirmed the appearance of the fifth-generation fighter jet and claimed it would endanger US forces.

According to the Pentagon, the deployment of Su-57 was not in line with Russian President Vladimir Putin's commitment to withdraw or reduce his troop numbers in the country of President Bashar al-Assad.

"The addition of a fifth-generation fighter jet to Syria certainly will not match the withdrawal of troops announced by Russia," Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway told CNN on Saturday (24/2/2018).

The most advanced US fighter jet used in military operations in Syria today is the F-22.

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Reports of the emergence of the Su-57 fighter jets came out after US combat aircraft launched an attack on February 7, 2018 against the Syrian pro-regime forces. The attack claimed killing about 300 people, including Russian mercenaries.

In December, two F-22 fighters intercepted two Russian planes flying to near "de-confliction lines" that should separate Russian coalition aircraft and the US-led coalition operating in Syria.

The US jets fired warning shots during interception.

The Su-57 is the first Russian military fighter to use stealth technology and is designed for combat operations and ground attacks.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the jet is scheduled to enter Russia's military service next year and currently the Moscow military has only ordered 12 units.
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