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Capture Video Hotman Paris dismantle fraudulent practices of foreigners buying land in Indonesia.

SPORTSO.GA - Indonesia's leading lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea uploaded a video on his Instagram account, @hotmanparisofficial on Friday (23/2/2018).

Hotman Paris is in Jhony Coffee with several people, and is talking about foreigners who own land and buildings in Indonesia.

Hotman Paris found many cheating practices conducted by Caucasians in Indonesia.

According to him, some foreigners have land in Indonesia, but not conducted sale and purchase.

Hotman said it was to avoid two things.

First, foreigners can not own land ownership rights in Indonesia. And second to avoid buying and selling tax.

Many have homes or villas, but the land is on behalf of Indonesians.

Foreigners pay local people to borrow their names.

Because of the practice, Hotman Paris said the country had lost trillion rupiah.

In addition, there are villas and businesses that do not have work permits to violate immigrant laws.

At the same time, a mother agrees if it is against the law. But according to him, many Caucasians who do not know about the regulation.

Hotman denied being called a foreigner was not about the rule. Because, they already have plans to borrow the name of local residents.

Hotman mentions that Article 2 paragraph (1) of Government Regulation No. 103 of 2015 concerning Ownership of Shelter or Residence by Foreigner Based in Indonesia mentioned that foreign charcoal can have house for residence or occupancy with right of use.
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