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The President of South Korea Moon Jae In.(AFP/ARIS MESSINIS)

SEOUL, SPORTSO.GA - The President of South Korea Moon Jae-in delivering a plan to send a special envoy to North Korea to run deep dialog mission, including the effort to disarm nuclear weapons Pyongyang.

The presidential office South Korea conveyed, the President of the Moon reveals the plan during a telephone connection with the US President Donald Trump, Thursday (1/3/2018) night.

In the phone communication for about 30 minutes, both parties agreed to continue to make efforts to realize the Korean Peninsula denuklirisasi by using the momentum of dialog two Korea.

Released from the Japan Times, special envoy to Pyongyang as a reward for senior delegation which has been sent North Korea when the continuation of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang on February 9-25 so. At that time,

President Kim Jong Un sent the direction of the Presidium Council the Highest People, Kim Yong Nam and his sister, Kom Yo Jong. In a statement by the White House,

Moon called informs Trump about the development of talks between the two governments Korea after meeting at the Winter Olympics. North Korea want to open the possibility of dialog with the United States. In addition,

Kim Yeo Jong also convey if her sister invited the President of the Moon to meet in North Korea.

The President of the Moon has not responded to the invitation and said North Korea must first create the right conditions for meeting of the two leaders of the state. See also:

Kim Jong Un invite the President of South Korea to North Korea While from the U.S. the White House convey if Trump will be ready to support South Korea as a strong ally.

"President wants to continue to work with South Korea. This is a strong alliance and we will follow up the discussion," said the spokesman for the White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on Thursday (1/3/2018).

"The end objective is to denuklirisasi peninsular and that will be our focus. We are pleased with the progress achieved from this process," he added.
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