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BANDA ACEH - The news about the Government of Indonesia's plan to invest in Aceh's wakaf land in Saudi Arabia has provoked a reaction in Aceh.
One of them was revealed by Aneuk Muda Alam Peudeung Al Asyi Command ( Commander of Al- Aish).
Through the release to Serambinews.com , Saturday (10/3/2018), Commander of Al- Aids condemned the plan that carried by the Haj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) is.
"No longer diverted Aceh's history for the sake of Indonesia is certainly very disappointing the people of Aceh," wrote Pang Ulee Commander Al Asyi, Tuanku Warul Waliddin.
As reported by the crowd, the Haj Financial Management Executing Agency (BPKH) will make a visit to Saudi Arabia to meet with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and several investors.
This meeting is to discuss opportunities for investment cooperation and fund placement.
One of the investment plans is to build a hotel on the land owned by the people of Aceh wakaf in Mecca.
The plan was submitted by members of the Haj Administration Management Agency (BPKH) Anggito Abimanyu, when meeting Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla, at the Vice President's Palace on Friday (9/3).
Anggito came with the President's Special Envoy to the Middle East and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Alwi Shihab.
"We will cooperate with IDB and will also meet with some investors in Saudi Arabia, to do the administration, which is closest to the land of wakafnya Aceh in Mecca, then there are some other Saudi investment opportunities," said Anggito , as reported by Republika.co.id, Friday (9/3/2018).
Anggito said, Aceh Government has a land of waqf which is located about 400 meters from the Grand Mosque. Aceh's wakaf land has been pledged for investment.
"The pledge of waqf already exists, and has been invested by wakif in Saudi Arabia, and that we are in the process of negotiation," said Anggito.
In response, Commander Al- Asiy expresses his objection to what Anggito has proposed to Vice President Jusuf Kalla.
"There has been a lot of sacrifices for the people of Aceh for Indonesia, including Aceh as a nation has been dwarfed into a tribe today," he said.
He explained, the history of Habib Bugak Al-Asyi who every year to travel to the Land of Hijaz Mecca to send donations of the Sultan of Aceh to the Grand Mosque is something that can not be denied by all parties.
"It has become a sweet historical incarnation of the relationship between the Sultanate of Aceh and the ruler of the Hijaz, so that the Acehnese become very familiar in the Holy Land of Mecca, have a land investment there, until there are some who finally diwaqafkan as did Habib Bugak Al Asyi," said Pang Ulee Commander of Al Asyi, Tuanku Warul Waliddin.
Tuanku Warul Walidin who is a descendant of the Sultanate of Aceh said, waqf Habib Bugak Al Asyi is still very well maintained management to this day.
Profit sharing from the management of this wakaf can be enjoyed by all pilgrims who perform Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, every year.
"We are confident that other Indonesian society can tolerate this condition and need not be questioned to be generalized," he said.
"Aceh has a long history as the former center of the Five Great Emperium of the Islamic World. Our thanks to Nadzir waqf Representative, Sheikh Abdullatif M Baltow, who annually administers the waqaf proceeds with the utmost respect, "added Pang Ulee Commander Al Asyi, Tuanku Warul Waliddin. (*)
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