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Today is this still using a pirated operating system? There are many advantages if you use the original operating system instead of using pirated software, including always getting the latest software updates, better performance, not making laptop errors or many problems, long-term benefits for lifelong Windows usage and many more other advantages.
To support your daily learning and work using a PC or laptop it is highly recommended to use the original original operating system to make your learning and work better and optimal.
Windows 10 at a glance, Microsoft Windows 10 is the most recent operating system for now, Windows 10 is the latest generation operating system results from a combination of Windows 7 and 8, with better and more attractive features and designs.
Here are some important points from the advantages of Windows 10 that you may not know yet:
The best Windows 10 OS for gaming
Microsoft brings a big change in PC games with Windows 10, we will see the support of DirectX 12 API that promises better and faster gaming performance. DirectX capabilities have increased performance by 85% and 300%.
Windows 10 also has a mode to allow recording of the last 30 seconds of play,
Can play Xbox Live on Windows 10
Microsoft aims to bring the Xbox Live experience fully to Windows 10 PC, including allowing you to stream games from your Xbox One console directly to a PC.
You can also send and reply to messages via Xbox Live, and view streaming or recording of other people's games and view other Xbox information.
Universal Microsoft Office is present on Windows 10
Microsoft presents a universal Microsoft Office feature that supports a good touch screen display that can run and can be connected to all smartpone and tablet devices.
Disadvantages of Windows 10 Pro
The drawback of Windows 10 pro is that the expensive license price is around 200 USD or around Rp.2,900,000 (Rate 14500) if it's converted.
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Here's how to buy Windows 10 pro orginal / original:
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