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To get a 
winner chicken dinner winner easily in the PUBG Mobile game, one of them is by using a cheat.Cheat is a collection of command codes or programs that are made to modify a game to have special features that should not be allowed and not made by the official game developer . By using cheatsplaying games will become easier.
The purpose of this tutorial was made so that Tencent could immediately fix the bug .
PUBG Mobile is the first battleground and online multiplayer game developed by the game company Tencent. In this PUBG game can be played in several modes , namely Solo mode, Duo mode, and Squad mode where survivors can form a team of four with their friends.
Please follow step by step according to instructions to be able to try PUBG cheat without root on Android.
Features of PUBG Mobile cheat :
  • No Recoil
  • Ultra Aimbot
  • Auto Headshot
  • Magic Bullet
  • Player WallHack
  • Body White / Black, etc
  • Black Sky
  • Antenna
  • No grass
  • No Trees
  • Acceleration UAZ
  • UnderWwater UAZ
  • Firing Rate M $, SC, AK
  • Big / Small Model Player
  • Long jump
  • High Juml
  • Lift Sit Down Aim
  • SpeedHack
  • Drive Through Wall
  • Quick Weapon Switch
  • Fly Buggies
  • Kar98k Powershot
  • Zoom x4 / x8 / x15
  • Facebook Login
  • No root
  • Anti Banned
  • And Many More
Download the application needed below:
(If there is an update notification on VirtualXposed, don't update it , choose cancel )
PUBG 0.7.5 cheat  script via Mediafire (UPDATE / NEW)
1. Install the Virtual Exposed application.
2. If you have installed the Virtual Xposed application, then Install the modified version of the PUBG Apk to Virtual Xposed. Modified version of the PUBG Apk function is to overcome the ban(so as not to ban our account).
Note: This Apk PUBG installation process will take a long time because the Apk PUBG size is 1 GB more, so please be patient.
Note: Don't use the original PUBG Apk because it will result in an account being banned.
3. Next install the GameGuard1an Apk to Virtual Xposed.
4. After everything is installed, then run the Virtual Exposed application → Run both GameGuardian applications → Select Start.
5. Then run PUBG in Virtual Xposed.
6. Then open the Android Status Bar → Tap " Show GameGuardian " → Select process  → MOBILE PUBG.
(If you don't give GameGuardian permission to access pop-ups , the icon will not appear, please check the security settings of your Android application manager).
7. In the GameGuardian menu select " Select memory ranges " → Just tick " Anonymous", "Bad", "Code app" and "Code system" .
8. Then walk the PUBG cheat script by selecting the "Execute script" menu  → Select and search for the PUBG cheat script file that has been downloaded previously (usually in the download folder ).
9. The script menu will appear , select BYPASS → BYPASS 0.7 NEW. Wait for the process in GameGuardian up to 100% to show a notif message.
10. Next, tap the GameGuardian icon again, because we are now in the lobby game , then choose LOBBY to activate the cheats in the PUBG lobby . Please select / check the desired cheat features, for example: No Recoil and Body White.
Note: Not all cheat features work properly, depending on the type of Android you use. Suggestions for using No Recoil and Body White cheats for those in the lobby.
11. If you have activated, then Start to start the game.
12. When entering the game on the plane then tap the GameGuardian icon again → Select the GAME menu, then select some cheat features that you want to use in the GAME menu, for example AIMBOT, ANTENNA and GRASS. Wait for the process to be up to 100% then you will be able to feel the cheat feature .
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