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Government Revokes Restrictions on Social Media Access
Kominfo Rudiantara. (Sportso Indonesia / Hesti Rika)
Jakarta, SPORTSO Indonesia - The Ministry of Communication and Information  (Kominfo) announced that internet usage had been limited because  the 22 May action had returned smoothly and without obstacles. 

Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara  said the situation of unrest was conducive so that restrictions on access to video and image features on social media and instant messaging were re-enabled. 

"God willing, between 14.00-15.00 hours it can be normal," Rudiantara said in an official statement on Saturday (25/5). 

Rudiantara invites all people who use social media, instant messaging and video file sharing to always maintain the virtual world of Indonesia to be used for positive things.

"Let's fight hoax, slander, information that provokes as many have circulated during the riots," he added.

Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Ferdinandus Setu, confirmed that the use of the internet and social media had returned to normal because the national situation had returned to safety. 

"Yes, the internet and social media have returned to normal because the conditions are conducive and safe," Ferdinandus told 

Selamat menggunakan internet dengan lancar tanpa hambatan kembali ya 🙏 Mari gunakan ruang siber ini untuk hal-hal yg positif aja 🤗 Happy weekend !

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Previously, Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara believed that social media restrictions were effective in counteracting outstanding hoaxes. Because, according to him, photos and videos touch people's emotions the fastest. For this reason, restrictions are imposed on sending pictures and videos through social media and instant messaging. 

"Effective. Why? There are text, images, videos, which ones touch our emotions the fastest? Video right?" he explained when met at the Kemenkopolhukam office, Jakarta, Thursday (23/5).


Besides passing internet restrictions, Rudiantara also mentioned the need to increase digital literacy. So that people do not directly swallow information received from the internet.

Even so, Rudiantara called this policy not intended to close public communication facilities. So, sending text messages can still be done. 

"If the text is not right, the government does not close the public communication facilities, but does restrictions," he explained. 

The government's policy on limiting the internet had received criticism from many parties, one of them being the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI). AJI urged the government to immediately revoke the policy of limiting social media access. This step is considered to limit the right of everyone to communicate and obtain information. 

The Chairperson of AJI Abdul Manan assessed that this policy was not in accordance with article 28 F of the 1945 Constitution and article 19 of the General Declaration of Human Rights which gave freedom to the public to seek, receive and convey information. 

It is aware that this restriction step is intended to prevent the spread of false information in order to protect the public interest.
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