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Taufik Ar Rifai
Muzakkir Manaf (Taufik Ar Rifai / AceH)
SPORTSO-Banda Aceh - Aceh Party DPP Chair Muzakir Manaf issued a surprising statement. This figure, familiarly called Mualem, requested a referendum for Acehnese people.
The statement was delivered by Mualem on the ninth anniversary (June 3, 2010 - June 3, 2019) Allahyarham Wali Neugara Aceh, Tgk Muhammad Hasan di Tiro died and at the same time broke the fast together at Amel Convention Hall, Banda Aceh, Monday (05/27/2019) .

"We ask for various reasons. One of the main issues is the fate of our country which is on the verge of collapse where the question of justice and democracy has been very badly damaged, "said Mualem to AceHTrend at a cafe in Banda Aceh. 

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Mualem asserted, the statement conveyed was based on various things and careful consideration. According to him, currently democracy and a sense of justice in the Republic of Indonesia are likened to "far from the fire". For this reason, the Acehnese people have their own constitutional rights by asking for a referendum as a peaceful solution and at the same time pioneering the future of their own people.
"This has become our right as Acehnese people. Especially after the peace of the Helsinki MoU, there are still many memorandum of understanding that have not been realized by the Central Government. Not to mention the question of economic inequality, prosperity and nationalism. So that in the future it will be unconsciously colonized by a foreign nation. The demand for the referendum that we are asking for is reasonable, as is the case with East Timor, "said Mualem.
The same thing was also conveyed by Husaini M. Amin, aka Tgk Batee. This former GAM Operational Commander of the Batee Iliek Region appreciated Mualem's attitude and statement. According to him, the demand for a referendum is a peaceful solution to resolve various problems regarding the fate of the people of Aceh in the future.
"We really appreciate the statement and attitude of the Mualem as an alternative solution in fighting for the fate of the people of Aceh in the future. One more thing is the matter of the consolidation and the meaning of Mualem who again wants to reorganize the ranks of ex-combatants under the auspices of the Aceh Transition Committee (KPA). This is also a signal from Mualem who again invited and re-embraced all former combatants to return to the basics, namely to fight for the rights of the Acehnese again, "said Tgk Batee. [and]
SOURCE: Aceh Trend
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