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Iranian military advisor, Morteza Qorbani
SPORTSO-DUBAI: Iran is able to sink US warships into the Gulf by using a number of missiles and 'secret weapon', a senior military official said by Mizan news agency today.
On Friday, the US announced the sending of 1,500 troops to West Asia in an effort to boost defense against Iran while accusing the country's Revolutionary Guard directly responsible for tanker attacks this month.

"The US sent two warships in the region. If they take stupid action (though little), we will sink this ship to the bottom of the sea with its crew and aircraft using two new missiles or two new secret weapons, "said Iranian military adviser Morteza Qorbani.
The US action was the latest move by the Trump administration, they saw it as a threat of potential attack by Iran, following the decision to speed up the delivery of the ship's attacking group and several bombers with several additional Patriot missiles to the West Asia.
Some Western experts say that Iran often exaggerates its weapons capabilities, but there are concerns about its nuclear program, especially involving long-range missiles. - Reuters
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