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SPORTSO TECHNOLOGY - To be able to master the vocational competencies taught, vocational students must understand the meaning of computer and network terms such as hard drives, RAM, routers, UTP cables, etc. Knowledge of these terms is the basic capital that must be mastered by students in order to be able to participate in learning well. Unfortunately, most learning about computer and network terms still comes from traditional media, namely books that only cover terms that often appear in learning, do not cover the term computer and network widely.
In addition, of course the book cannot be updated according to the development of the current information technology because the data used is still static. This causes the introduction of material about the meaning of the terms computer and network is not maximal. Seeing this, Taufik Anwar Solikhin, a student of the Informatics Engineering Education Program in Yogyakarta, tries to develop a mobiledictionary application in terms of computers and android -based networks as a medium for learning vocational students as a final project under the guidance of a lecturer, Dr. Eko Marpanaji.
Furthermore, Taufik explained that bringing the main menu page in this application g lists the terms computer and network then a page that lists the favorite terms of user choice.
"While the term explanation page is a page that contains an explanation of the terms chosen by users, there is also a menu page that contains information about application information and application developers as well as pages that contain instructions for use and features in the application," explained Taufik.
According to Taufik, the database in the dictionary application terms of computers and networks are made in the application's internal memory, which contains a collection of terms and explanations about computers and networks. "A database will be created when the application is first installed on a smartphone device ," he explained.
Taufik added that the next application development is to add application features that are not yet like the database data is made online so that users will always update the term data without having to update the application through the Google Play Store .
"In addition, the dual language feature of Indonesia - English also needs to be added as well as developing applications on other platforms such as Windows Phone and iOS,"
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