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Not accepting his generals being harassed by an individual police officer, the commander of the military command ordered his members to surround the Dafam Hotel where the police officers were staying.
This is because a number of police officers have embarrassed a TNI general by accusing him of being a burglar for HP, of course this is tantamount to harassing the names of all TNI soldiers.

So it is not wrong if in order to maintain the good name of the corps and defend the TNI leadership, the Dandim instructs its members to siege three unscrupulous police officers and be held hostage in the hotel for 9 hours until there are apologies from the 3 police officers.
Salut, proud of the courage of the dandim who dared to take a firm stance to maintain the good name and honor of the TNI corps so as not to be harassed.
Until whenever the soldiers will always be ready to defend their leaders.
One wound will all rise! 
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